Attention please. Me switching to English language for this post.

It took me a while to understand a comment left by the Laughing Yogini on my Yoga Journey. She said she kept visiting and that what I write inspires her  – I didn’t quite get that she actually handed over a Triple Blog Award, which made me all giggly and excited once I had figured it out.

The Laughing Yogini has many, many years of experience teaching and practicing – go check out her site if you haven’t already! – and I’m surprised that someone with her knowledge likes to visit and read my humble musings. I’m aware that my blog doesn’t offer that much to my English readers, and that’s why I’m surprised and exhilarated to receive my very first award from that side of the community. Thank you, Laughing Yogini!


Another reason why it took me oh so long to put this post up is that an award comes with a bunch of rules for the recipient, namely:

1. Put the logo on your Blog.
2. Nominate at least 10 Blogs that show great Attitude and/or Gratitude.
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this Award by commenting on their Blog.
5. Share the love, link to this post and to the person from whom you received your Award.

So, here I go:


2. Here are 5 blogs I thought of spontaneously. I’ll add the 5 remaining as I blog along (ooooh, the suspense, I know I know).

  • Linda and her constantly shape/name/shifting Blog. Linda blogs in English. And why do I like Linda? Because I’m drawn to those who aren’t afraid to show their face, take chances, and search for meaning – on all levels.
  • CJ from Universal Plume. CJ blogs in English and she puts it all out there. Reading her can get intense and uncomfortable many times, and I love it.
  • Rike from RoSa P. Most posts are multi-lingual. She sews, she knits, she cooks, she writes, she raises kids, … and with her third hand (that I assume she must have) she takes pictures of it all. She even got a cat! Beautiful.
  • Secondwaver from Secondwaver. She blogs in English and is a „fifty-something woman who opens her eyes, finally seeing patriarchy for what it is“.
  • Sati from Zwillingssonne writes in German and covers a lot of subjects on her blog. She has a raven as companion and takes delight in turning your world upside down. One. Post. At. A. Time.




6. Note to Self: no more award-receiving during thesis-writing period. Way. too. much. work.
7. Note to readers: yes. i’m still on that damn thesis. pg. 58 1/2 going towards 59 if you so wish to know. 41 more to go. whee.

3 Kommentare zu „Attention please. Me switching to English language for this post.

Gib deinen ab

  1. Hallo Lily (meine Englisch ist besser als meine Deutsch aber was sonst, beide sind eine Fremdsprache fur mich :). Also, ich fuhle… ahem… ok, so I haven’t practised my German for many months now :). Lily, I am all WOW right now, not just because you awarded me, but more because you, you know, actually found something on my blog that was of any use for you (right?). Somehow I never expect anyone to read those crazy, vulnerable, dirty pages (like, anyone who’s there out of actual interest. I always keep imagining employers, nuclear family members, other people who I have to deal with regularly who just plain don’t respect me or see me… finding my blog – which I don’t try to avoid but neither I invite them there). Lily, I am thankful, embarassed, proud and feel encouraged to keep revealing and analyzing. I feel humbled by being listed in the glorious company of CJ and Secondwaver (both of whom I read always and totally admire).
    I mean, thank you. :) Shutting up now.

    (love you, love your blog, love yoga, love CJ and Secondwaver and feminisms and writing and love everybody who’s sharing something, everybody who’s trying somehow)

    PS: Oh, and condolences on the thesis. Hope it’s not too tiring and the result’s gonna be worth all the sweat, right?

  2. Linda,

    people like reality. It’s an art to write about what is truly going on, put it down in all its seeming dullness and vulnerability, without fidgeting and trying to make it seem more interesting and grandiose by adding a little glam here and there. I’m struggling with that in every single post; and I see that you have it.

    A fabulous character in a good book is someone whose awesomeness will show through his capability to get down and dirty. A good blog reveals a true person with real struggles and a willingness to show the dark side.

    What is true interest anyways? For me, a blog that is only about Yoga might be interesting, but probably not a blog about, ugh, cars. But what we all share in common is living, breathing, shitting, eating, hurting and loving. So, a blog about true life is of true interest to me. True life happens anywhere, it happens while you sit on your hearth cooking :) , it happens on the Yoga mat, it happens on the toilet, it happens in the bus, at work, it happens for all of us all the time. So, it’s really nothing glamorous, but it certainly is breathtakingly beautiful, majestic, awesome.

    Love to you and keep on getting dirty, please :)

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