please ignore the puddle of drool…

… I guess that’s just my brain stem taking over after an overdose of THIS:

For a girl who can spend a long time ecstasizing over color shades in hand-dyed wool, or running her fingers over hammered metals, or wrapping in and out and in and out and in and out of a beautiful fabric, this online marketplace for handmade creative stuff is just way too much.

Have you ever looked at an arrangement of beautiful things in a store, totally amazed by shades and shapes and hues; and the beauty of the whole would stem exactly from the fact that you could NOT just pick one item from the bunch and buy it, because that would destroy the entire harmony (and your individual thing would simply not be as beautiful as it used to when embedded in a collective of other beautiful things)?

This is exactly how the very wise Renaissance thinker Alberti defined beauty: as a harmonious ensemble of individual pieces – so harmonious in fact that you can not take one piece away without destroying the beauty of it all.

A clever guy he was, because who would have guessed that 500 years later his ’simple‘ theory would have kept me from going bankrupt already a bazillion times? Huh? Thank God I studied art history, my dear wallet.

P.S.: The problem with ETSY is that, … doh!, it’s actually affordable. Bou! Triple BOU!
P.P.S.: Oh, and please, that USB drive?! My thesis would look so darn sexy in it… I would be the QUEEN of THE WORLD with that USB drive! I think I could even have made my grandfather take to modern technology with that glorious handmade thing!!! (The copper, the brass, you see – that would’ve made him drool as well…)



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