Wishcasting Wednesday ::: Hallway of Wisdom

Each Wednesday, Jamie Ridler invites her readers to make a wish:

You can be a maker of magic and a tender of wishes. It’s easy. Answer the wish prompt above on your blog and then add a direct link to your post in the box below. Support wishes by visiting other participants, leaving a comment. It’s that simple. There is great power in wishing together.

Her question for today is: What step do you wish to take?

FREE to sing, laugh, dance... create! by Susan Lordi

 Just before falling asleep last night, I saw myself walking down a corridor that resembled the sun-bathed aisle of a Gothic church. The air was moist, I could feel moss tickling my naked soles.

There were doors on either side of the corridor, with beautiful inscriptions on them. I opened the door leading to „Joy“ and entered a clearing. In the center stood a tall figure with outstretched arms – much resembling the figurine I was offered today as a gift for my graduation (see picture above – I consider this a sign…).

I returned to the corridor and opened the door saying „Love“ – can’t remember what I saw in this room, but the feeling was almost overwhelming, like having a sun in the middle of the chest burning me up alive in a very pleasant manner…

Then I found myself opening the door to a room entitled „The Erotic“. Another clearing, a crystal clear pond, willow trees, musk and cinnamon, a smell of sun-dried linnen cloths, fruit garlands, and – if I remember correctly – a Centaur somewhere further away (yes, yes, hello Dr. Freud – I’m that simple).

And then, to my surprise, a few steps further down the corridor, a door with the inscription: „Inner Rhythms“. It was empty at first. But as I walked around a bit, a huge, old fashioned clock appeared, hovering right above me. I sat down under it. The clock kept ticking with the rhythm of my heart; deep resounding thumps, making me feel safe. I can’t remember having felt so at ease in my body in a long time.

Then I returned to the corridor and came to another door. It didn’t look as appealing as the others, and the inscription said: „Success and Professional Achievement“. I entered. Once more, the room was empty. And it remained so while I walked the big, white, empty canvas of my dream. There were dim shapes and figures appearing and dissolving, like dreams within dreams. I couldn’t catch any of them and pull them into the room to make them more real.

So I stepped out again. Quite frustrated, to say the truth.

So, that’s my wish this week:

To take a big, lion-hearted step through the door of „Professional Success“ into a world that still scares and intimidates me. A world whose rules I still haven’t understood well enough to feel okay. With nothing very concrete to hold on to.

Where do I turn to? How do I start?


11 Kommentare zu „Wishcasting Wednesday ::: Hallway of Wisdom

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  1. Perhaps combining the other words and elements from your „visions“ and see what they tell you. Can you uses these inspirations in any way to support your next step?

    Truly beautiful…I wish you the dream you wish for yourself. Take that step, whatever it may be!

  2. Wonderful post. Thank you for sharing your world.
    „A world whose rules I still haven’t understood well enough to feel ok“
    you know
    the world of rules is changing…by women like us. Make them up as you go along.

    As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well.

  3. As Lily wishes for herself, so I deeply wish for her.

    Lily, the rules are the ones we make for ourselves. If you just take things one day at a time – and not look too far into the scary future – everything will be OK. There are people everywhere who will help you. All you need to do is ask. I’ll bet there is even someone in your chosen profession out there in the blogosphere. A quick email may be all it takes to start networking. Go for it! You already have everything it takes to be a success.

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