Five gooey letters

‚What’s your middle name?‘,
Plinky* asked me today.

And this is how the story goes:

My middle name is quite martial!
My middle name is quite martial!

My middle name was kindly donated by my godmother,
aka Fräulein Flasche.

She was a woman notorious for her drinking habits and the results thereof, e.g. late-night ambushes on good-natured people’s minibars, and passing out on their sofas at 3 AM after having talked their ears off on a Sunday night.

I distinctly remember several Monday mornings when my parents poured tea in their slippers and read the newspaper upside down – cleary these were the repercussions of Edith’s dominical visitation.

So now you know how bad it is:




[„Ey, it’s not that bad“, people tell me, „think of Edith Piaf, or…“
„Or? Or whom?“
„Erm, well, Piaf was cool, wasn’t she. And you’re half French, so it kinda fits, doesn’t it.
„Oh hell yes – and what will we do with the other half of me? Call it Bertha? ‚Cause Suttner was a cool gal too!“]

My parents swear Edith wasn’t (that) much of a drinker when they proposed her to become my godmother.
I believe them, but I can’t help wonder how this deal ever got sealed, given the fact they all barely knew each other. Maybe it was the idea of dipping my baby head into an oversize chalice filled with liquid that made Edith accept the offer.

Just a few years later, she had vanished,
ironically reduplicating the scenario of my baptism.
Only this time, it was her head in the waters,
‚cause Edith most certainly went down the abyssal bottom of a liquor bottle.

She was never to be heard of again and was from now on known as „Madame Mystère“ in my family.

But what was I to do with this gooey lump of five letters stuck between my first and last name?

Decades later (ha!, isn’t that a magical, special moment, when a chick can talk about her life using that kind of words?!), I’m still puzzled what to make of Edith.

My love for wine and beer is of the casual and volatile kind,
neither passionate nor faithful enough to qualify me as aunty Edith’s true soul sister.

So I went and did some ‚research‘: This is what Encyclopedia Googleiana had to say:

Edith comes from the Anglo-Saxon Eàd-gyth,
with ‚eád‘ meaning: good, prosperity, fortune, inheritance
and ‚gyth‘ meaning: battle or strife.

Hence, my middle name could identify me as a chick who is

„Victorious in war“ – Well, maybe this interpretation would fit me better:

Or a chick who is:

„Striving for prosperity“ – As in this one, hehe:

Or even a chick who is:

„Protecting her goods“ – yeah! In a very feminine way:

Tadaaa! Three interpretations to give a meaning to my life with ‚Edith‘.

Thanks, Plinky, for making my life better.

*Plinky is a service that helps you blog more. And sometimes even better :) Whee!

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