A silent conversation


I spoke to God:
„I want to feel you. Just as real as I feel my lover’s chest on my cheek – that’s how much I long to know you.“

And my Friend  replied:
„Is this your desire? I can offer that, but take time to reflect.“

„You have been so close already.

You were as real as a handwritten letter from a friend, or walking around a beautiful garden without meeting the gardener. You are real, I see your handwriting everywhere, your love, your  care and sustenance.

But here it is: I’m hungry for more. Enough humble waiting, dear One. I want to sit on that garden bench with you and listen to you talk of flowers. I long to see your eyes, to feel your hand in mine.

I do not care whether this is foolish or whether I will have anyone to talk to about our friendship.

Friend, I no longer care.

I belonged to you for a long time. It’s time we meet face to face.“

And God smiled, secretly glowing from behind a rose bush. I know He may let me sit on that bench for a long time until my eyes are healed.


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