Our behaviour itself is the awakening ~ e-mails from my teacher

I am thinking about a decision I have to make when I hear the „pling!“ of an e-mail just arriving in my inbox.

It’s a message from my teacher who is hibernating in a remote place in Italy, in complete silence.

Prishtina Mosque
Bow to the Light ~ Mosque in Priština. Paolo Venturella.
Dear beautiful Lily,
Suddenly a text came into my mind, I read it this morning. Now it arrived again and I had to think of you, our practice, being in beauty, openness and grace.
I just send it through, more later :) much love! k.
The body and the mind, in their slightest movements,
Are forever found at the place of awakening.
Our behaviour itself is the awakening:
There is no other Buddha than the heart.
All phenomena are nothing but the heart.
Dwell in this state of consciousness,
And all knots of passion will untie themselves naturally.
In a grain of dust
All the worlds can be found,
And all the universes are contained in the tip of one of your hairs.
There is no obstruction.
Do not evoke the buddha.
Do not grasp the mind,
No mental strategies,
Nor reflections,
Nor meditative practice,
Even less, distraction.
Abandon yourself to the flow of things,
Without restraining the thoughts!
Everything is pure!
The natural and immaculate clarity of the mind emerges!
– Tao-sin
I lean back in my chair and enjoy feeling taken care of.
There are people who know how to put the warmth of summer and oranges and barefoot walks into a few lines.

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