How to … keep media from eating your brains.

Mixed Media Art Collage by „Delirious“ via Pinterest

If you feel that exposure to media is making you feel increasingly overwhelmed, crazy, helpless, furious, disgusted or plain sad – you may want to watch this talk. I found it to be extremely helpful.

As Alain de Botton points out in the beginning of his witty & helpful talk, we are often introduced to all kinds of ‚arts‘ as little ones. But rarely does someone take us to the side to explain how media work and how to consume media properly.

In this talk you’ll learn

  • how to spot the archetypal patterns of news and reduce the seemingly overwhelming amount of information
  • how to avoid some common mistakes when reading/watching news
  • about the role of tragedy for the human psyche
  • why we sometimes don’t care – when we shouldn’t care – how we could care more
  • how to deal with the hideous stuff in „comment sections“
  • about the role of celebrities & fame

… and much much more.

Enjoy guys!


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