Elder’s Song

A love song from our elders to us, the little ones. Please enjoy and keep it close to your heart!


Tips for Teachers (of Yoga)

A re-post of one of my favorite musings: what makes a great teacher (of Yoga)?

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Hi there, teachers of all trades!

In a moment of inspiration, I’ve selected my personal five reminders of what makes a good teacher. All of them are things I’ve observed in admirable teachers. This is also the current essence of my years in the trade.

But let me begin by saying that I take my own advice (see Nr. 4) and remind myself of these principles on a daily basis.

I hope you find this post useful and that it makes you fall in love – again – with this wonderful profession (there I go again … teaching, preaching! … forgive me…)

Please feel free to share your experiences and leave comments and suggestions. Have a good one!

  1. Love your students until they reveal their secret to you.

This is a quote (from whom I don’t know), but I find it so accurate that I wanted to share.

It is…

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On belonging and coming home

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