The meditation that finally works for me

A peaceful and rested brain, tension-free eyes (finally!) and a smooth luminous face, a bright and clear emotional state, a refreshed body ... This is how I feel after each sitting with this suprisingly unassuming and simple technique. Here's the app that I learned it with and how it works.


If disciplined structure really works, it will dissolve.

I had disciplined structure for years. Loved it! But then I stopped enjoying it. I thought all those years of practice were going down the tubes. If only someone had told me that if discipline really works, it will dissolve.

Zum Abschied etwas Neues

"Dienstags-Träumereien" ::: Ich bemerke seit einigen Monaten eine kleine Zerrung an der hinteren rechten Oberschenkelmuskulatur. Iyengar fixiert zuerst meine Hüftgelenke. Dann zeigt er mir, wie die Haltung [...]

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