Sometimes I only understand the effects of Yoga when I quit doing it for a while.

I’ve been ill for almost two weeks – at first I was „not-able-to-get-up-at-all“ – ill, followed by „just-not-able-to-breathe“ – ill. Which were of course both pretty unfavorable conditions for spending time outside of my bed.

After a little while I felt some very weird sensations – literally going up and down the walls inside my body – yep, stopping Yoga cold turkey is n o t  g o o d for me!

On the other hand – can you imagine anything better than coming back to the mat in a totally aching body? Stretching and unwinding and strengthening never felt better. So I’m almost restored to health, happily re-establishing steadiness and strength in my body.

My Anusara-teacher sometimes stated that bad times are here for us to experience the joy of overcoming them on our own. Considering how my muscles bliss out over the simplest Asanas, I tend to agree…

And something struck me: my flexibility has skyrocketed over the past two weeks – without me actually doing anything.

I suppose it has to do with Iyengar repeatedly visiting me in my dreams, folding me like a sheet of paper into forward bends, or unfolding me into Hanumanasana. Hmmm.

Devotion, Strength, Beauty
The monkey-god Hanuman leaping to help his lord, the god Rama.

In case I should be going nuts – at least it’s happening in a damn cool way.

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