the art of how to fall – Week 15

After some setbacks last week, I have been enjoying a few moments of absolute weightlessness in Headstand these last days. Yes, upside-down zero gravity bliss!

I’ve always been fond of balancing poses – everything from simple to demanding. They introduced me to the correct balance between caution and boldness. The first times I did Crane/Crow Pose, I was scared of falling flat on my face. Literally leaning into this fear with full concentration and body awareness has taught me a great deal about courage for my every day life.

Headstand was even worse, because this pose turns everything upside down. I went through the same process as a baby learning to stand on its two feet. Rediscovering the wonders of balance has a lot to do with learning how to fall (just watch babies). Very often, it is not the fall itself that causes injuries. The mind’s resistance to the act of falling results in a stiff and unreceptive body, and sometimes in a pretty painful landing.

Having understood this, my Headstand practice essentially revolved around melting all resistance against, and fear from falling. I try to apply the same skills for creating a conscious fall as for establishing a balanced Headstand. I’m exploring and questioning the thoughts and feelings arising inside of me concerning the act of losing my balance, of falling and ‚failing‘.

Once more, I’m amazed by how physical and energetic work can help me to question and redefine values and doctrines that affect my whole being and the way I approach life in general.

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