en route! – Week 17

Oh wow, what a week! I’ve stayed in 3 cities in 4 days – carrying my bag with 2 pullovers, 2 pairs of socks, 2 books and a big water bottle with me in museums, hostels, busses, trains. No space for my Yoga mat in there!

But did that stop me? Nope.

Ever heard of ImproYoga? Converting hostel-beds, train seats, and even toilet stalls into miniature Yoga studios to relieve your aching, aching body? Well, that’s just pretty much what I did, only that the name makes it seem far more glamorous than it actually is.

I have to stay I don’t especially enjoy having to spend lots of time in places that we call „Nichtorte“ (None-Places, heehee) in German. Places where people are supposed to move through without leaving any traces of their personality and humanity (except for stress hormones) – places like trainstations, airports, metro stops… They make me feel uprooted and anxious sometimes to a point of wishing for somebody’s hand to hold on to. :)

I discovered that Yoga is a tool for dealing with that feeling of homelessness. Even just leaning back into my seat in the waiting area and going back to some very basic awareness techniques creates a bubble of homeliness and protection all around me. BTW, I’m still not sure what it is I’m afraid of – being attacked, beaten up, or simply staying in a very strange, very anonymous place? From experience I know the latter scares me much more. I’ve gotten into situations where I was close to being beaten and weirdly enough the prospect of having a fist in my face didn’t freak me out as much as I would have expected. Hum… Not that I’m not scared of physical and psychological assaults.

But when I’m in a state of inner connectedness and security it is much easier for me to move in a place that scares me with a clear mind and the certitude of my strength.

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