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hochsitzWas born to an Austro-French couple in 1984. She is currently living in Austria, but dreams of becoming a nomad when she’s grown up (if life doesn’t change her plans).

Holds a master of art history, and an almost-master of flute, but she’s more concerned about the artistry of everyday living, than the art in museums.

That’s why life brought her on the path of Yoga at the semi-tender age of 17, and got her really hooked at 22, so she could start her Yoga teacher training with a focus on Restorative/Therapeutic Yoga in early 2009.

Lily is thrilled to study, apply, and investigate on the teachings of all the traditional Yoga’s, and this is what her blog is about.

She enjoys solitude, the company of good books and people who know how to take the small in the talk to the next level. But she will definitely scale down her expectations of a conversation when offered a big piece of Swedish Daim cake beforehand (effects as seen in picture above).

Loves challenges of the mind, the heart and the spirit, although she’s the queen of whining at moments.

Is always thrilled by the thought of what might come next.

Loves humans. Loves them.

Tries to live her life accordingly to how she wants to be remembered.

Lily writes mostly in German. English posts are filed under the (guess what) „Posts in English“-category. Her Yoga-Journey and other Yoga-related musings can be found under the „Lotus“ pages, most of it is in English too.


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