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Linda’s Yoga Journey – one of the most insightful, funny, down to earth blogs on Yoga I know.

Teach.Yoga – connecting teachers worldwide

Resources (English)

Traditional Yoga Studies: Georg and Brenda Feuerstein’s site is dedicated to promoting authentic yogic teachings based on scriptural and oral transmission, as well as solid research, and to bringing out their relevance at the present time of severe environmental and social crisis. Please have a look at their excellent Yoga-philosophy correspondent courses.

Yin Yoga with Paul Grilley Excellent teacher! Also, please have a look at the photographs of human bones (filed under ‚resources‘) and learn something about diversity…

Yoga: Art & Science Blog, pose directory, 365 days of Yoga for intermediate-advanced levels, and more

Wissen (Deutsch) deutschsprachige online-Yoga-Gemeinschaft mit Foren, Blogs, Gruppen u.a.

Yoga Welten: Artikel zu Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, …, Yoga Forum, Verzeichnis von Lehrern und Schulen (v.a. deutschsprachiger Raum)

Online-Zeitschriften – E-zines

Yoga Journal (Deutsch)

Yoga Journal (English)

Yoga Aktuell (Deutsch)

Yoga Plus – Joyful Living (English)

Ayurveda Journal (Deutsch)

Ursache & Wirkung (Deutsch)

YogaZeit (Deutsch)

Internet-Kurse – Online classes

Hillary’s Yoga Practice Free Podcasts (English)

YogAmazing Podcasts with Chaz (English)

Yoga Today A new Podcast daily. With Adi, Neesha and Sarah, ca. 60 min. (English)

Elsie’s Yoga Kula – Free podcasts. Excellent Yoga instruction wherever you go! (English)


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