ahimsa revisited – Week 19

This week I discovered the reason behind my hip and lower back pain: it’s my SI joint, not my sciatic nerve.

I don’t want to bore you with anatomic details (although the whole matter is veeery interesting, I assure you), because what you maybe care about more is what should be done with that information.

Well, the answer is simple: avoid forward bends.

Once more this brought me face to face with the important Yogic principle of non-harming, or ahimsa.

Part of myself seems to be crazy in love with the idea of being able to fold like a pancake. It’s my concept of what a ‚perfect‘ Yogi is supposed to look like. I do have a little nagging voice inside of me telling me I’ll be a happier, healthier, better individual if I can stick my nose between my knees (keeping my spine long at the same time, mind you). Mouahahaaa! *demented laughter*

I see that it still has enough power over me to make me do things that will harm me in order to conform to an absurd ideal.

Although it is sad to see I’m still partly driven by comparison and perfectionism, it is nevertheless a wonderful reminder that some things – like the Yogic principles of mindful, caring behaviour towards yourself and others – can never be highlighted enough.

Uhm, how many times have I read and heard and reminded myself about ahimsa?

Countless times, for sure.

Still here I am, discovering I have a hard time letting go of my excessive forward bend practice. Because I associate it with an ideal, I am bound to it, therefore trading the beneficial effects for injury and discomfort.

Learning, always learning.

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